Non Profit Coffee Shop With Tasty Treats

Open Door Coffee House

Open Door Coffee House in Madison Ohio is an inviting, quiet coffee shop in the heart of Madison Village.  A perfect spot to hang-out do your homework or work on a project while sipping on a freshly handcrafted latte. One of the few local coffee shops in lake county among a sea of Starbucks. Open Door Coffee House is actually a non-profit with religious affiliations aiming to help the local community and give them a safe & comfortable spot to hang-out, meet, talk, gather & pray. Non-Religious do not fear none of the staff try to push any sort of religious agenda. I actually had no idea this was run by a church until I asked. All of the staff is warm friendly and inviting. Baristas try to get to know you and really care about their community.  I love visiting different coffee shops and this is one of my favorite near me. Madison Village itself is a great little spot with old historic buildings and a quaint small town vibe. I like to come here on rainy days and sip my coffee in one of the comfy chairs near the entry and watch the hustle and bustle of the outside world.



The menu is very extensive and very reasonably priced you can get much more than coffee, they offer breakfast, lunch and sweet treats as well. They have over ten hard scoop ice creams & fresh baked goods made by a local baker.


Baked Goods are made by the local baker Tinis Tasty Treats


During my visit, I ordered a hot caramel latte and my favorite muffin, the pumpkin apple streusel muffin! I highly recommend trying one during your visit, probably the best muffin I’ve ever had. I am also a huge fan of the iced lattes that are very reasonably priced compared to most coffee shops.

Cozy Atmosphere

Open Door Coffee House is located at 26 W Main St, Madison, OH 44057

on-street parking is free & the building is wheelchair accessible, free wifi is available as well.



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