Massive Trees of Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Redwoods Northern California Small-17

The giant redwoods are surely a sight to behold. If the opportunity should ever present itself, please take a moment to wander this beautiful place. I was lucky enough to have the chance to visit here during an expedition in 2015 along the west coast. When I visited, I was limited to northern California due to some time constraints, and unable to make it into the more southern redwoods, (which I hear are even more massive) but I was able to venture through a decent-sized section of the northern coastal part of the forest.

Redwoods Northern California Small-25Redwoods Northern California Small-14

We parked, and were on our way through the trails, heads tilted back as far back as possible to be able to see the tops of these massive trees. We both marveled at how these trees could grow to such incredible size.

Redwoods Northern California Small-9

Redwoods Northern California Small-19Redwoods Northern California Small-14Redwoods Northern California Small-15Redwoods Northern California Small-3Redwoods Northern California Small-2-2Redwoods Northern California Small-20

The giant redwoods are one of those things similar to the St. Louis arch in St. Louis, Missouri. It’s difficult to explain to someone, and equally as difficult to show them, even through photographs. In some of these shots, I captured my friend Jason staring in wonder up into the canopy, as well as both of us at the base of a tree for size reference.

Redwoods Northern California Small-11

Redwoods Northern California Small-4

A long walk down the trail eventually brought us to an even larger tree; larger than any in the entire stretch of forest that we had just hiked through. This tree was sort of on display, as they had built a small standing area with an informational board placed on the railing. Thankfully, our scattered wandering brought us here, because we were able to learn some interesting information, and see one of the famous, notable redwoods in person.

Redwoods Northern California Small-3-2

This huge tree has earned the name “Big Tree.” I mean, it’s pretty obvious why, but there is some awesome info behind this tree that may blow your mind.

Big Tree is the 15th largest single-stem coastal redwood, towering at 286 feet tall, and measuring just under 24 feet around at the base. Big Tree is said to be over 1,500 years old. Imagine the things that this tree has seen.

The Big Tree Loop is a 3.2 mile long trail (or longer if you find it the way my friend and I did) in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park in Northern California. This park contains more than 77 miles of hiking trails. My friend and I wandered for hours back and forth through the forest until finally coming up to this tree, but realized that if you would like to visit the tree without walking the entire long trail, there is a much shorter option. You are able to park in a lot directly next to the tree, and take a 250-foot walk to see the tree. This is perfect for those unable to take the long trail.

Below are some more photos from the park, and Google maps giving you directions to get to the park!

Redwoods Northern California Small-12Redwoods Northern California Small-13Redwoods Northern California Small-1-2Redwoods Northern California Small-16Redwoods Northern California Small-18Redwoods Northern California Small-19Redwoods Northern California Small-21Redwoods Northern California Small-10




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