The Most Unique Vintage Farmhouse Decor Shop in Northeast Ohio


 Barn Yard Pickers, Geneva Ohio

This unique vintage, farmhouse decor shop in Geneva Ohio is a must-see for anyone interested in rustic decor. The name speaks for itself they literally go into old barns and farmhouses to pick out this stuff. They then clean/fix the item to sell or just leave it as is to sell in all its rustic glory. They always have the most unique things so you’ll never know what you will find when you walk in the door.


This local family-owned business also strives to keep new and different items in the shop year round so there’s always something completely new each time you visit. Whether you are looking for something to fix up a furniture piece you already own or just want to find a unique gift for a friend who also loves rustic decor this is the place to get it from.


Even if you are just browsing this bright and cheerful shop is a great place to visit on your day off, you might just leave with your new favorite decoration.


This unique shop has endless character that you can bring home with you! Barn Yard Pickers also sells old windows, doors, drawer pulls, door knobs, paint and other items to help you bring a unique flair to any renovation project. Their principe is that they love junk so if you can’t find that one piece of hardware to fix up that old door or piece of furniture they may just have it here.


If you are like me you might be all about helping local businesses and recycling and here you can do both at once! It’s nice to know there are people out there with a passion for preserving and remembering our heritage. I can’t even imagine how much of this stuff would have eventually ended up being destroyed or taken to the dump if it didn’t end up here. Every piece here tells a story. It’s amazing what can happen when someone cares about things enough to go find them and clean it up so it can have a new life.


Barn Yard Pickers also rents out authentic bourbon & wine barrels and old crates if you are planning a rustic event or wedding.

Barn Yard Pickers is located at 1337 Harpersfield Road Geneva, OH 44041


Monday – Wednesday    Closed
Thursday – Saturday      10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday                             10 AM – 4 PM


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