Giant Rocking Chair in Ohio Makes For A Fun Roadtrip Detour


Austinburg, Ohio

This massive rocking chair is located about a mile off interstate 90 on rt.45 in rural Austinburg, Ohio. This chair is down the road from multiple hotels, major gas stations, and fast food joints making it a fun little detour if you happen to find yourself on I-90 passing Austinburg on your next road trip. Nothing like stretching your legs after hours of driving by climbing up a giant rocking chair (don’t worry it doesn’t actually rock).


The chair stands about 20 feet tall, although it is not the biggest rocking chair in the world it is still pretty darn impressive.


In the 90s the building next to the chair was a furniture store that sold outdoor chairs, benches, regular old rocking chairs and backyard sheds, the giant chair was just kind of a great way of advertising for their business. Who wouldn’t notice a giant rocking chair and want to stop to check it out? As time went on the chair became kind of an icon of Austinburg and was never moved when the furniture store was no longer there. Today the building is an office for Bella Care Hospice but they don’t mind if you stop and hang out at the chair. The chair is also close to many wineries, orchards, and other fun attractions in Ashtabula county if you happen to be visiting the area for more than just a quick stop.

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The Giant Rocking Chair is located at 1933 OH-45, Austinburg, OH 44010


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