Hogback Ridge: Take A Stroll On A Scenic Boardwalk Into Nature


Hogback Ridge Park,  Madison Ohio

Hogback Ridge is a 629 acre park located in Madison Ohio, it is bordered by the Grand River and Mill Creek. The park is named Hogback Ridge because it is on a high narrow ridge of land bordered on two sides by steep valleys making the ridge resemble the spine of a hog. The park boasts a 1,300-foot wheelchair accessible boardwalk and overlook deck that offers scenic views year round. Theres are also miles of gravel and natural trails in this massive park that lead to all kinds of different views and terrains so you can explore a new part of the park you have never experienced every time you come here.


Shallow Creek Point at the End of Old Emerson Road Trail

The main trail in the park, Old Emerson Road Trail was once the main road used to get across the Grand River in the 1800’s via the shallow creek points called fords.  Emerson road was named for the Emerson family who once operated a mill at the junction of the Grand River and Mill Creek.

Boardwalk in the Fog

This gorgeous park has been my favorite for many years, I am lucky enough to live nearby, my best days start by grabbing a coffee and heading to this park to take a walk before my day begins. This park just has this perfect relaxing vibe.


Once you reach the end of the boardwalk you can loop back around onto Old Emerson Trail to the parking lot or head down the massive timber staircase to Mill Creek. The stairs also provide access to natural foot trails along the creek where you can view many small waterfalls along the trails. If you aren’t looking for as much of a cardio workout on the stairs Old Emerson Road Trail has a more tame staircase leading down to mill creek as well.

Timber Staircase
Mill Creek Waterfall

The park also provides a place for many recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, biking and picnicking. There is an onsite Pavillion with grills that you can use for parties and picnics and is available on a non-exclusive basis. There is also a cabin on site called Strong Cabin that can sleep 8 that you can rent for camping. Strong Cabin features a stunning pond, dock and outdoor fire pit.

Pond & Dock at Strong Cabin

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Hogback Ridge is Located At: 4885 Emerson Rd, Madison, OH 44057

Hours: 6 AM to 11 PM everyday


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