Harbor Perk, a Cozy Coffeehouse on the Historic Ashtabula Harbor


Harbor Perk is an independent coffee shop and roasting co. located on Historic Bridge Street in the Ashtabula Harbor.  Harbor Perk is housed in a historic brick building that was built around 1899. The Building was originally the site where bulk foods that were being dropped off by ships traveling through the Ashtabula Harbor would be stored until being sold at a market or grocery store. The port in Ashtabula Harbor was once the busiest port on The Great Lakes. Shipments of ore would be dropped off at the port be transported to Youngstown to be made into steel. Although the steel industry has diminished bridge street still holds a wonderful view into the history of the rust belt. Harbor Perk is located just off the harbor near the lift bridge that goes up every 30 minutes to let fishing boats & sailboats pass through providing a unique setting for your morning coffee break.

Bridge Street Lift Bridge
Bridge Street Lift Bridge

Harbor Perk has a very laid back and cozy atmosphere making it a popular hangout spot for locals. You often see students from the local Kent State University branch studying here or local business people having meetings or just people catching up with an old friend. It’s a perfect spot to just sit back and relax with your coffee.


Harbor Perk roasts all their coffee beans in-house. They purchase bulk fresh green arabica beans monthly for roasting. The coffee roasters are right in the middle of the shop. So you might even get a chance to see the coffee being roasted fresh right in front of you!

Bulk Arabica Beans
Coffee Roasters

When you order a coffee at Harbor Perk you can taste how fresh the coffee is. I typically order the iced coffee with vanilla flavoring and it is easily the best iced coffee in Ashtabula County. I also enjoy the fact that they have a lot of different coffee flavorings to choose from if you are feeling rather adventurous. Their menu also includes small bites, smoothies, tea, frappes and much more.


Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

If you ever find yourself in the Ashtabula area and are craving a freshly brewed coffee be sure the check out Harbor Perk! The rest of Bridge Street is also more than worth wandering through as well there are boutiques, restaurants, bars and even a chocolatier! I’ve been witnessing the revitalization of this area throughout the last decade or so and I am so impressed and excited about where it is going. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this area.

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Harbor perk is located at:  1003 Bridge Street Ashtabula Ohio 44004

Free parking

Open 7 AM – 7 PM Daily



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