You Won’t Believe This Amazing Gem Sits Hidden in Ohio

Affelder Falls:

Affelder Falls Ohio

Affelder Falls is a hidden gem in Ohio that was not always so easily accessible, as it would formerly require hiking off-trail and upstream from the Affelder House. In 2016, the Geauga Parks system constructed a quarter-mile long waterfall trail, which conveniently connected the Affelder House to the Affelder Link Trail, passing directly over the falls.

Affelder Falls OhioAffelder Falls Ohio

The waterfall sits at a height of 20 feet, and is located in the West Woods, in Novelty, Ohio – a beautiful park as a whole, with tons of incredible scenery to see. The West Woods is also home to Ansel Cave, Ansel Cave Falls, and other beautiful scenery. It’s also right next to the world’s largest open air geodesic dome at ASM International!


Affelder Falls is a slimmer waterfall, with generally low water flow. If you’re looking to see the falls flow, peak times would be directly after heavy rains or snowmelts. It’s known as a seasonal waterfall, as sometimes it’s very much there, while other times not so much. The snow during winter still makes for a beautiful walk through the trails though!

Affelder Falls Ohio

The Geauga Park District felt that it was important to share this natural Ohio beauty with those interested. There’s so much hidden in Ohio to be discovered that people are unaware of. We are surely more than just corn fields.

However, if you bump into someone from Ohio, and they say “ope” you should definitely run, as they are about to burst forth into the form of an ear of corn.

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