Cleveland Curiosities


Cleveland Curiosities is located in Lakewood Ohio. It was started by a couple who says they have been collecting oddities and selling them online for nearly a decade. They have been based out of Cleveland since 2014 before they made the decision to begin their own brick and mortar oddities shop. It is the premier oddity shop in Northern Ohio, also probably the only thing like this in the entire state.


Walking into Cleveland Curiosities you are greeted with an authentic guillotine from a magic act and a pair of stuffed monkeys that look straight out of the wizard of OZ.


This shop is filled floor to ceiling with skeletons, skulls, unique taxidermy and all kinds of creepy collectables.


They even have an authentic 2 headed calf that was part of a freak show in the 1960s. This calf is unique because it was one of the multiple calves that were born to a mother cow that also had 2 heads, passing her genetic mutation down to her offspring. Unfortunately, this calf did not live to be a year old and died from complications. They had it stuffed and put on display at the freak show, eventually ending up where it is today. This artifact is one of the only few things in the store that is not for sale but it is really cool just to go see it!

Cleveland Curiosities ethically sources their animals that are stuffed, everything either died from natural causes or is a vintage piece.

Every cabinet you look has a new unique item to checkout. One of the cabinets was just full of different vintage medical supplies and artifacts. It took me probably an hour and a half to look at everything in the store.

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Cleveland Curiosities is a must see for Clevelanders and visitors alike. If you get the chance I would highly recommend checking this place out! Purchase a gift for or yourself or your most unique friend. It’s also a perfect place to take your significant other for a pre-halloween date. 🎃

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Cleveland Curiosities is located at:

13375 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107


Monday – Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday – Saturday: 11-7

Sunday: 11 – 5

On street parking is available but they do have parking meters in Lakewood that are 25¢ per half an hour so come prepared with some quarters.

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