The Bomb Shelter

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The Bomb Shelter located in Akron Ohio, is Northeast Ohio’s coolest retro antique superstore! Started in 2011 this unique store has 18,000 square foot of retro goodies sure to blast you right into the past. It’s probably the closest thing you will get to riding in a time machine that’s for sure!


Wander though the many rooms of The Bomb Shelter and you may feel like you just walked into a 1960s dream home. Complete with retro funky living rooms, mid century furniture and space age kitchens. The best part of all? its all for sale! So can buy it and live out your retro dreams to your heart’s content.


Half the fun of going to The Bomb Shelter is just walking through and seeing all the cool historic items, They even have a mini museum of vintage TVs, and a section that sells all kinds of relics from wars past, including actual rations from real bomb shelters!


If you are looking for somewhere fun to check out on a cold winter day in Ohio I would put this place on the top of your list! The Bomb Shelter is truly a gem and a place you will never forget.  I can’t wait to go back!  Don’t forget to snap a photo with this giant alien squid guy during your visit!


Also here’s some more various photos that I couldn’t make fit into the article:

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The Bomb Shelter is Located At: 923 Bank Street, Akron, Ohio 44305

Monday – Saturday: 11-5
Sunday:  12 – 4

Parking is free

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